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Beginning Teachers Honoured At Sangora Foundation Awards

May, 2013

Picture of Drew Mayhills, Matthew Titmanis, Rachael Lehr and Kerryn Woodhouse
Left to right: Drew Mayhills, Matthew Titmanis, Rachael Lehr and Kerryn Woodhouse

Original article from: Ed-e-News, Department of Education

SIX of last year’s WA Beginning Teacher of the Year winners were presented with an award at the annual Sangora Education Foundation Awards.

Now in its twentieth year, the awards recognise the contribution to education made by teachers and outstanding academic results achieved by students.

“I’m very proud to be the product of the Western Australian public education system and having the opportunity to give back to education is something I find very rewarding", said winner Drew Mayhills.

“When I found out there was prize money attached to this award I set about planning a trip to Japan where I presented Australian perspectives on the use of technology in the classroom."

“It was really great to see on an international level that what we are doing in Western Australia is right at the top of education in the world. It reaffirms my decision to be a teacher.”

The Sangora Education Foundation is managed by an independent Board of Trustees with the aim of promoting excellence in education and providing opportunities for the study of language and culture.

With a strong focus on Asian languages, the awards help recipients with international education projects. Grants have been awarded to education initiatives in countries including Burma, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

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