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Current Awards

  1. Language & Culture Award

    The Sangora Education Foundation Languages Award was established in 1991 to provide the opportunity for high achieving Year 12 Language students to continue their study of other languages and cultures. The award is made to the Year 12 student whose application in the opinion of the trustees of the award appears most likely to make a significant contribution to the student’s and community’s understanding of other languages and cultures. The award may be divided between applicants whose applications are in the opinion of the trustees of equal merit.

    Year 12 students with proven ability in the study of languages who intend to study a Language other than English at university or TAFE are encouraged to apply for the award.

    Normally schools are contacted in July each year through the teacher in charge of languages and invited to encourage suitable students to apply. However, owing to financial constraints, this award will not be offered in 2016.

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  2. Innovation in Teaching Award

    This is an annual award and is coordinated by th WA Education Department. It is available only to public school teachers. In rotation over four years, the award goes to an early childhood, primary, secondary and education support teacher. Nominations are called for by the Regional Executive Directors who contact their principals and ask for recommendations for outstanding and innovative teachers in in the category of the year's rotation. The nominations are then sent to the coordinating Executive Director who invites nominated teachers to submit an application which includes information on the teacher's background, reasons why they think they were nominated for the award and what they would do with the grant if a winner. A panel of senior educators then shortlist five finalist and submites their applications to the trustees of the Sangora Education Foundation who determine the winner.

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  3. Beginning Teachers' Award

    These are closed awards and only available to teachers who are selected as finalists in the WA Department of Education Annual Awards – Beginning Teacher of the Year Category.

    Finalists are selected by a panel of sponsors and experienced educators and winners are chosen based on nominations and site visits.

    Information on the WA Education Awards is available from:

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  4. Post Secondary Education Award

    This is an annual award coordinated by the Western Australian Secondary School Executives Association (WASSEA) and is only available to public school students. Up to five awards are given annually.

    The Award or Awards are given to Year 12 students to assist them in continuing their education at a tertiary institution, for example, University or Technical and Further Education. Secondary Principals are contacted by WASSEA asked to nominate worthy candidates for whom the award would make a difference to the student’s chances of tertiary success. A panel of Principals and Deputy Principals then select the five most worthy candidates and sends these applications to the Sangora Education Foundation Board who determine who will be given a grant.

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  5. Language Teachers' Award

    This is a biennial award for a language teacher to improve their knowledge of languages and/or language teaching pedagogy. A call for applications is sent to language teachers through their system or sector's languages consultant, or equivalent officer, in February of evry second year.

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Previous Awards

  1. Asian Languages Student Award

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  2. Disabilities Award

    Awarded to a disabled person or an organisation involved with the education of disabled persons.

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  3. Skills Enhancement Award

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  4. Vocational Education & Training Award

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