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Language Teachers' Award

This is a biennial award for a language teacher to improve their knowledge of languages and/or language teaching pedagogy. A call for applications is sent to language teachers through their system or sector's languages consultant, or equivalent officer, in February of evry second year.


  1. 2019

    Danielle De Witt

  2. 2018

    BeeYuen Yang

  3. 2017

    Peta Harkins

  4. 2016

    Kate Huth

    Margo Whittle

  5. 2015

    Lola Ann Jones

  6. 2014

    Cherie Marie Clarissa Hess

    Rosaria Rossi

Other Current Awards

  1. Language & Culture Award

    Awarded to year 12 students intending to continue their study of languages.

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  2. Innovation in Teaching Award

    Awarded to early childhood education, primary, secondary and education support teachers.

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  3. Beginning Teachers' Award

    Awarded to WA Beginning Teacher of the Year winners.

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  4. Post Secondary Education Award

    Awarded to year 12 students selected by a panel of principals.

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Previous Awards

  1. Asian Languages Student Award

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  2. Disabilities Award

    Awarded to a disabled person or an organisation involved with the education of disabled persons.

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  3. Skills Enhancement Award

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  4. Vocational Education & Training Award

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