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Innovation in Teaching Award

This is an annual award and is coordinated by th WA Education Department. It is available only to public school teachers. In rotation over four years, the award goes to an early childhood, primary, secondary and education support teacher. Nominations are called for by the Regional Executive Directors who contact their principals and ask for recommendations for outstanding and innovative teachers in in the category of the year's rotation. The nominations are then sent to the coordinating Executive Director who invites nominated teachers to submit an application which includes information on the teacher's background, reasons why they think they were nominated for the award and what they would do with the grant if a winner. A panel of senior educators then shortlist five finalist and submites their applications to the trustees of the Sangora Education Foundation who determine the winner.


  1. 2018

    Lisa Young

  2. 2016

    Nikki Pead

  3. 2015

    Tracy Smith

  4. 2014

    Kimberley Wildish

    Kylie Davis

  5. 2013

    Caitlyn Haines

    Nicole Louise Reade

  6. 2012

    Justin Mortley

  7. 2011

    Elizabeth Phillips

  8. 2010

    Sarah Gasmier

  9. 2009

    Melinda Welton

  10. 2008

    Alison Kerimofski

  11. 2007

    Brendon Nutt

    Fleur Ambrosa

  12. 2006

    Kellee Williams

  13. 2005

    Sharon Cousens

  14. 2004

    Philippa Moffat

  15. 2003

    Keith Marley

  16. 2002

    Joanne Hull

  17. 2001

    Joanne Payne

  18. 2000

    Trenton Harris

  19. 1999

    Bronwyn Mather

    Pamela Sherrard

  20. 1998

    Jan Matthews

  21. 1997

    Susan Retallack

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