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Language & Culture Award

The Sangora Education Foundation Languages Award was established in 1991 to provide the opportunity for high achieving Year 12 Language students to continue their study of other languages and cultures. The award is made to the Year 12 student whose application in the opinion of the trustees of the award appears most likely to make a significant contribution to the student’s and community’s understanding of other languages and cultures. The award may be divided between applicants whose applications are in the opinion of the trustees of equal merit.

Year 12 students with proven ability in the study of languages who intend to study a Language other than English at university or TAFE are encouraged to apply for the award.

Normally schools are contacted in July each year through the teacher in charge of languages and invited to encourage suitable students to apply. However, owing to financial constraints, this award will not be offered in 2016.


  1. 2015

    Samantha Bindi Crane

  2. 2014

    Ashlynne Maree Hendry

    Joanne Chandra

  3. 2013

    Georgia Gillies

  4. 2012

    Brett Johnson

  5. 2011

    Anton Lucanus

  6. 2010

    Kayla Mizzi

  7. 2009

    Isabel McTigue

  8. 2008

    Amy Steinepreis

  9. 2007

    Katherine O'Shea

  10. 2006

    Ella Tchomarian

  11. 2003

    Sarah Bilbrough

  12. 2002

    Aldijana Sinanovic

  13. 2001

    Alicia Aitken

    Joshua Brown

    Mathew Delmenico

  14. 2000

    Danielle Lamotte

    Gabrielle De Vietri

  15. 1999

    Elizabeth Charlesworth

  16. 1998

    Daria Barabanova

  17. 1997

    Lisa Riley

  18. 1996

    Narelle McAuliffe

  19. 1995

    Nicholas Price

  20. 1994

    Shane Merriman

  21. 1993

    Laura Lochore

  22. 1992

    Georgia Warner

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