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Beginning Teachers' Award

These are closed awards and only available to teachers who are selected as finalists in the WA Department of Education Annual Awards – Beginning Teacher of the Year Category.

Finalists are selected by a panel of sponsors and experienced educators and winners are chosen based on nominations and site visits.

Information on the WA Education Awards is available from:


  1. 2018

    Deborah Yates

    Katisha Barrett

    Kristy Ramage

  2. 2017

    Anita Piccioni

    Mark McClements

    Sharna Dallywater

    Steven New

  3. 2015

    Alexandra Myer

    Emily Donders

    Kirsty Campbell

    Sebastian Salinas

  4. 2014

    Andrew Thom

    Crystal Nullmeyers

    Mia Lennox

    Rachel Martino

  5. 2013

    Ashley Stewart

    Joshua Jardine

    Justine Salkilld-Campbell

    Laini Royer

    Natasha Moore

    Rebecca Halse

  6. 2012

    Drew Mayhills

    Jacqui Webster

    Kerryn Woodhouse

    Kirstin Hunter

    Matthew Titmanis

    Rachael Lehr

  7. 2011

    Eloise Crombie

    Emily Upson

    Jane Nicholson

    Leanne O'Kane

    Nakita Kitson

    Sharon Attree

Other Current Awards

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    Awarded to year 12 students intending to continue their study of languages.

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  2. Innovation in Teaching Award

    Awarded to early childhood education, primary, secondary and education support teachers.

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  3. Post Secondary Education Award

    Awarded to year 12 students selected by a panel of principals.

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  4. Language Teachers' Award

    An award for a language teacher to improve their knowledge of languages and/or language teaching pedagogy.

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Previous Awards

  1. Asian Languages Student Award

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  2. Disabilities Award

    Awarded to a disabled person or an organisation involved with the education of disabled persons.

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  3. Skills Enhancement Award

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  4. Vocational Education & Training Award

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